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the importance of
your website

You can rest assured that every client who finds you on the internet will look at your website - not only to find a product or service they are looking for, but to get an impression of your business.

Is your website professional? Neat or a mess? Easy to navigate? Any spelling or grammar mistakes? Can I see it on my phone?

All these factors shape a client's perception about you and your business. For this important reason, you website must be a true reflection of your business and how you do things. 

The fact of the matter is... You don't need us to design a website for you.

Internet Namibia now offers a FREE Website Builder with every hosting package.

  • Very simple to understand and use
  • Drag and drop design
  • Everything you need to create a snazzy website for your business
  • One-click publishing to your web domain
  • Change and edit whenever you want
  • No web design or programming experience required
  • If you need more functionality than what your Free Website Builder provides, you can simply upgrade your Website Builder
  • No need for web designers - save the money and build your own.

Website Categories - (if you still want us to design your website for you)

For a more elegant engagement with our clients, we have divided the development of our websites for clients into three different categories...

Starter websites

New to the internet or just starting out? Then this is the place to start. Affordable, professionally designed basic websites starting at N$3000


business websites

IIf you are established, and require a larger or more complex website in order to share more information with your clients, then this category is for you.


e-commerce websites

Planning to sell your products online, or simply looking for an online ordering system that is always open, then consider an e-commerce website.


Your website is your business' window 
to the world.

What will people see?

Starter websites

Getting started or new to the internet?

Let us design your website with our special starter package for N$3000. It is a great place to start and your business will be there for all to see - from right accross the globe.

Our standard professionally designed website gives you:
•  A standard 4 page or elongated website
•  Built on a CMS (content management system) platform
•  Google Maps integration
•  Dynamic Contact Module 
•  Mobile phone friendly

Because all our websites are built on a CMS platform, your website can be expanded over time. 

And the best part... you can pay for your website over 6 months via debit order.

But to start with... take the first step! Register your domain and contact us to discuss your new website

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Or we can simply make your e-commerce website an online ordering system, allowing you plenty of opportunity to up-sell each order and maintain a personal relationship with your client - an aspect so very important to business in Namibia. 

So, you can pack the fishing rod and spend some time with the family. Your e-commerce website will remain open for business. 

Our powerful e-commerce solutions allows you to sell your products 24/7 and gives you: 
•  Multiple Currencies over multiple countries (Yes, you can now sell world-wide!) 
•  Multiple Shopper Groups 
•  Mulitple Price Points 
•  Various Secure Payment Gateways (Or simple online ordering.) 
•  Unlimited Products - backed by a secure SQL database and protected by daily backups. 

This type of website is not for everybody or every business. But if you see a fit for what you are selling... in all likelyhood, we will too.  Internet Namibia offers turn-key solutions for your online store. And we will help you to run it yourself. 

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